I can’t sleep.
So I’m just going to rant.

My mom has always had this idea about relationships: “A relationship can and will only last about ten years. Marriage is pointless and just a cause for the government to make money.”

Maybe she’s right.

Maybe a relationship can’t only last however long we would all dream it would be.

Maybe, while one person in the relationship is 100% involved, settled, and loving, the other is filled with doubt, desires of a short term fling or possibly something bigger and better.

Maybe, while one is willing to wear their heart on their sleeves and focus solely on the relationship, the other is distant, unfocused and uncaring.

Maybe, while one strives to hold on after time, after time, after time, the other fazes out.

Maybe, while one wishes that they would be held close, protected, and treated right, the other cares for themselves and themselves only.

But what if that’s all in your head?

What if it could be even on both sides?

What if a relationship can, instead break a person down, build a person up?

We all hate to think we are terrible people. We’d hate to feel that we disappoint others, especially the ones we love and care for. But we are ready to defy them, lie to them, play with their heads, their emotions, and create boundaries. Then excuse it by saying they cause it, they start it, they feed the flame, they deserve it, even if its momentarily.

But has anyone stopped to think maybe, just maybe, you’re thinking in the wrong context?


If it only takes a few seconds for a feeling to come then go, why do we allow ourselves to continue to feel that emotion?

Why do we assume once in a relationship, we don’t have to work for it anymore. That we don’t have to put in effort, continue to care as much, and, to say the least, not do the things that started the relationship in the first place?

It shouldn’t be hard. After all, a sliver of affection is more than enough to create interest.

A relationship is like your body. It must be fed. It must be groomed. It must be washed and cleaned. It must be rejuvenated. It must grow. Expand.

It must be cared for.

And that can’t work without some work.

But that’s the thing. Its work and work is just oh so hard. Work is stressful. Time consuming. Work takes energy. Work takes work.

And we’re all too lazy for that, right?

No. I believe in man. I believe in woman. I believe in people.

We are the only species that has to learn how to reproduce. The only ones that must be taught how to care and nurture.

But we are too selfish. Too greedy. Too ignorant to notice what we already posses.

And thats a damn shame.

I want to look into the face of the man, or woman, who I will have that long term relationship with and see a reflection of what I feel for them, in return. I want reciprocation. I want to be held, love, cared for, made love to, and looked at with such affection that not even the dumbest fight or argument can bring us down.

I want to be able to smile at the mention of their name.

And anything that reminds me of their love. Their good and stupid habits. Their perfection and imperfections. Even their faults.

I want to feel pride. So much so that not only will I preach about it, but thank every God, Deity, Demigod, spiritual being out there, for I have found my match. My other half. My soulmate.

Because, yes it’ll be hard work. Yes there will be struggles, fights, frustration, anger, negativity but there will be love, make-up sex (lots of it I hope), memories, happiness, and positivity.


Because, like anything else in the world, we will have to work for it. I will. He or she will. Both of us will. Because that how the world is. That’s all we need. Its all we have.

Because when I leave this earth..I’m going to be happy knowing I was loved. That I was treasured. And that it was meant to be.

I don’t agree with my mother. But heck maybe you do and maybe don’t too. But either way, do what you need to do to be happy. Do what you need to do to be loved. Do what you need to keep that love. Then everything else will become a bit easier. Maybe even come faster. But at the end of the day, do what needs to be done.

Thank you for reading.


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